Paulina Lignar - visual artist

Academy of Fine Art Cracow,
Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien 

Master of Art




In the works "Scars" from the cycle "Blood is in us" I am talking about suffering in general. We get our first scar in the very moment of our birth when our umbilical cord is cut off.

The question is: why scars exclude us, why are we ashamed of our scars? It is so natural that we are not perfect and not made to measure. Do we always have to be great to have friends, position, recognition and acceptance? The point is to be aware of the scars that are part of our lives.

The fact that I have recently carried out "Scars" in nature photographs is a metaphor of life, of the world which we come from and which is or should be close to us.




Author's commentary by Jaś Kapela to "Scars":


"We all have scars. Each scar has its history. One writer I know told me, that when on the workshops he has with children the conversation is heavy going, he organises a contest on the best scar-story. There were always some kids ready to recount their private martyrologies.  We don’t like all the scars we have, but each of them has its meaning. It teaches a lesson about the delicacy of the vulnerable human body. Paulina Lignar’s “Scars” intrude the landscape, they mark arteries of the cities, texts and family photographs, they reach the horizon. The whole planet is covered by the marks of wounds. It is a gloomy vision, but it’s true. We live on the cemeteries, on the ground full of dead bodies. Human remains fertilize our fields and our histories. Yet on the graves life rebirths. On the battlefields trees and flowers are growing. The children play on them. Sometimes they fall and cut their skin on the rock, they start bleeding. The circle of life goes on marked by scars."




bio - Paulina Lignar

2000 - 2005 - Academy of Fine Arts. Jan Matejko, Department of Painting, studios - prof. Leszek Misiak and prof. Adam Wsiołkowski

2004 - Bildenden Akademie der Künste in Vienna, Department of Painting, conceptual studio - prof. Adi Rosenblum

2005 - graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Jan Matejko in prof. Adam Wsiołkowski studio


Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture for the year 2004/2005 for outstanding artistic achievement and scientific

2006-2007 working with the gallery NOVA, Krakow

2008-2011 working with the gallery ART, Warsaw

2010 working with LAB ART gallery, Vienna

2012-2013 working with the gallery MiTo, Warsaw

2014-2016 working with the gallery FRESZ, Krakow

2017 working with the gallery MILANO, Warsaw

since 2017 working with the gallery AT ART, Warsaw

Solo exhibitions:

2000 - oil paintings and pastels, House of Culture, Jaslo

2002 - painting, House of Culture, Jaslo

2002 - painting, gallery TAM, Krakow

2003 - "The events of a collision. Contrasts colorful", painting, gallery Na Pięterku,

Inner City Cultural Center, Small Market Square, Krakow

2005 - "Some time ago", an exhibition of drawings and prints, gallery GIL, Krakow

2005 - "My Pictures reality", postgraduate Exhibition, Gallery of Academy of Dramatic Arts in Krakow

2006 - from the series "Conversations", painting, gallery Lokator, Krakow

2006 - "What is moving in the wind", gallery nova, Joseph 22 street, Kraków

2006 - "My shoes", an exhibition of a single image, "Nice Flowers", Meisels 22 street, Kraków

2007 - "Collected", painting and drawing, library, Mszana Dolna

2010 - "Small snacks", gallery Esze, Krakow

2012 - "Intimate images", gallery MiTo, Warsaw

2012 - "Chamber paintings", MiTo gallery, Warsaw

2014 - "bare feet and naked heart", Feminoteka Foundation, Warsaw

2014 - "Scars", Cafe Szafe, Krakow

Group exhibitions:

2002 - painting, Gallery of Fine Arts in Krakow

2002 - "In search of their worlds", Contemporary Art Center Solvay, Krakow

2003 - "The Four Worlds", Municipal Art Gallery, Zakopane

2005 - "Human Resources", an exhibition of landscape paintings, House of Culture, Jaslo

2005 - "Culture at the Crossing", Labitynt Gallery, Cracow

2005 - "Culture at the Crossing", Kulturhus Farum, Denmark

2006 - "News", new works, new artists, Gallery nova, Krakow

2006 - Exhibition of landscape paintings, Polish Community Association, Polonia House, Rzeszow

2007 - Super Market Concept, participation in the exhibition of art and design, New Square, Krakow

2007 - "Three Rooms", group exhibition, Gallery nova, Kochanowski 10 street, Kraków

2010 - "Pink Cube", exhibition under the auspices of Lodz, Kalisz, Gallery Olimpia, Krakow

2012 - "The MiTo Gola", gallery MiTo, Warsaw

2015 - "Attention: Freshly painted", Fresz gallery, Krakow 

2015 - 2016 - permanent exhibition of the latest works with embroidery, Fresz gallery, Krakow 

2018 - Krakow Art Salon, Palace of Art, Krakow


2006 - "Long live painting the twenty-first century", the Main Market Square, Krakow

2006 - "Children, images and dreams", Main Market Square, Krakow

2007 - "March 8", installation, Main Market Square, Krakow

2007 - "What is the direction of modern art", happening with Gabi Buzek Garzyńską the duet "Just", Main Market Square, Krakow


2007 - Participation in the debate "Generation Nothing?" with Jaś Kapela, Grzegorz Murzański, Rafal Romanowski, Filip Rudnicki and Roman Szczepanek

2012 - Implementation of the illustrations for the collection of poems by Adam Wiedemann "Houses trysts"

2013 - In order to qualify to participate in the workshops during the Days of fiction Literary Award in Gdynia in the care of Justyna Bargielska and Jerzy Borowczyk

2015 - participation in the international 13th Art Fair in Warsaw under the patronage of the Fresz Gallery 

2015 - presentation by FRESZ Gallery in the November edition of "Invest in art" in the "MARKET AND ART" magazine


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